What is ITS Michigan?

The Intelligent Transportation Society of Michigan, or ITS Michigan, is the state chapter of the Intelligent Transportation Society of America (ITS America), the not-for-profit organization that fosters the use of advanced technologies, known as Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) in surface transportation. 

ITS America is the leading advocate for ITS technologies that improve the safety, security and efficiency of the nation's surface transportation system. The formation of ITS America in 1991 was motivated by the recognition that while numerous existing organizations were actively involved in transportation issues, no single organization existed to focus exclusively on emerging technologies. 

ITS Michigan members include private corporations, public agencies and academic institutions involved in the research, development, design, sales, installation and deployment of ITS technologies. The organization provides a central point of contact where representatives of industry, government and academia can find common ground and work together toward mutual ITS-related goals.

In addition to advocacy, ITS Michigan provides a forum that allows a diverse group of people to provide insight on current ITS projects as well as develop and refine ideas for the future.